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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions here. If you do not find what you're looking for, email us at

What is Frozt?

An inspiration from the traditional ice popsicle back in the 1980s which were made from artificial flavourings and colourings. Frozt is a modern and healthier twist to the traditional dessert. Our popsicles are made suitable for everyone!

What are your operating hours?

Our operating hours are from 11am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. We are closed on Weekends. However, you may contact us even after business hours and we will do our best to reply you. You may reach us through phone, email, whatsapp or even facebook! For more information, look here!

Where do we deliver?

We deliver to the whole of Singapore except Jurong Island, Jurong Shipyard and Jurong Port.

What are our delivery fees?

Minimum Order is $30.00.

Normal Delivery is free with purchase of $50 and above.

Otherwise, delivery fee is at a flat rate of $5.


For Sentosa & CBD Delivery is free with purchase of $60 and above.

Otherwise, delivery fee is at a flat rate of $10.

Delivery times are usually at an hour time slot. Kindly note that deliveries can be delayed due to unforeseen weather and traffic conditions. While we strive to fulfill all deliveries, we are not liable or responsible for any late or failed delivery due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control or due to the absence of the recipient or wrong address given.


Charges for re-delivery applies.

What are our refund & return policy?

We are unable to process refunds and returns on our products as they are perishable. In the event we deliver an incorrect order to you, kindly contact us immediately and we will arrange for a re-delivery.

Is Frozt Halal Certified?

Yes. Our popsicles are halal certified. Our 'Fruit Series' popsicles are also dairy free and vegan friendly.

How long can we keep Frozt?

'Fruit Series' popsicles are certified 6 months expiration upon manufactured. 'Goat Milk Series' popsicles are certified 2 months expiration upon manufactured. Popsicles need to be kept in the freezer with temperature  -15°C or lower.

Do you guys cater for events?

Yes. Frozt is perfect for every lifestyle and occasion. We provide delivery, freezer and manpower support for events.

Do Frozt provides customization?

Yes. We provide customization options such as flavours or branding for private events or establishments. Contact us for more information.

Do you guys provide dry ice?

Yes. Dry ice option is available at a fee. Dry ice keeps Frozt frozen in our foam box for up to 8 hours.

Do you guys provide styrofoam box?

As part of our green initiative program, all purchases will be packed in cooler bags.

Styrofoam boxes are available for purchase if you require them.

Small styrofoam box can store up to 25 pieces.

Medium styrofoam box can store up to 50 pieces.

Large styrofoam box can store up to 100 pieces.

Extra Large styrofoam box can store up to 200 pieces.

How long can Frozt last in the styrofoam box?

Depending on the environment, they can last from 2 hours to 3 hours without removing the plastic seal in normal

room tempertature. They must be distributed and consumed immediately after opening.